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Our Mission

To provide premiere end-to-end Commercial and SBA lending services to financial institutions.

Ultum Group is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that provides premiere end-to-end Commercial and SBA Lending services to financial institutions. Our goal is to give all financial institutions the opportunity to serve business members in their communities and across the country by providing products and services that exceed expectations.

Benefits of Working
With Ultum Group

Managing business loan relationships.

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Expanded Client Base

Fully serve your market including businesses large and small with the ability to provide commercial and SBA lending options backed by expert support along the way.


Portfolio Diversity & Profitability

Diversify your loan portfolio with access to a variety of lending products and commercial services. Increase your profitability by expanding services beyond typical product and service lines.


Buy/Sell Participations

Have access to purchase and sell Participations through our established credit union relationships.


Cost Effective & Fast to Market

Save time and money in hiring staff, training, and developing an internal business services back office.


Personalized Solutions

Customize your business lending capabilities for your business members.

It really brought things full circle for me, when I could see the benefit to the small business but also the benefit to a financial institution.

Theresa Tschumperlin, Chief Executive Officer at Ultum Group

Why Choose Ultum Group?

Ultum Group can help you provide the necessary resources to help your businesses grow and succeed. Our goal is to help you serve and grow your client base and complement your credit union's current strengths with our areas of expertise.

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Diversify your loan portfolio

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Save time and money

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Customize your lending capabilities